Studio Workshop Intensives
Art and Science of Vegan, Plant Based Baking and Dessert

In his vegan baking courses, Mike Duhon distills his years of experience as a professional chef and cooking instructor. In this capacity he indulges his passion for teaching others about plant-based, vegan baking. His series of step-by-step courses for small groups are designed for cooks of all levels. By understanding the function of ingredients and ratios in baking, students gain the freedom to work with ingredients on hand, thus reducing the need for a recipe book.


 “From a simple dessert to a complex plated one, all use well executed simple techniques. It is the skillful combination of technique along with understanding the function of ingredients that results in a memorable dessert.”

Philosophy & Methodology

The coursework explored in each series of classes is focused on a foundational framework. This framework is for vegan baking without the use of recipes. Students who complete these courses will emerge with an understanding of baking with ratios. This methodology is designed to quickly organize the baking process. The elements of this process include form, ingredient, and technique, guiding the baker towards a predictable outcome.

With practice, this fundamental organization of the parts and pieces involved in baking can transform it into a liberating, intuitive process. The result is endless artful outcomes based on seasonal ingredients, mood, dietary accommodations, or simply using ingredients on hand.

Form & Function

Why learn using ratios and technique instead of recipes?

  • Unlock the secrets of a recipe.
  • Categorize baked goods by simple forms such as cookie, muffin, pie, cake, etc. Each form contains specific parts of oil, flour, sweetener, liquids.
  • Understand why an ingredient is used in each form – its function.
  • Choose ingredients to create your own specialties.
  • Unleash the creative baker in you while working simply, quickly and predictably.