Level 2: Advanced Vegan Baking

This advanced vegan baking course explores the art and science of plated desserts through the skillful combination of multiple fundamental building blocks of plant-based baking. Artistry in Forms builds upon the techniques and experience gained by students who have completed Form & Function.

Duration: This course lasts 4 days and involves 24 hours of instruction.

Prerequisite: Completion of either 5 day Form & Function course or 3 day SNC Online: Form & Function course.

What we'll cover
Building on basic forms: Categorizing the forms and tools explored in Form & Function into families, which can be strategically combined to easily create complex desserts.

The right tool for the job: A review of specialized baking equipment, and how to use these tools to invent complex original dessert forms.

The elements of design: Continued concentration and deeper focus on essential design elements introduced in Form & Function such as shape, color, visual rhythm, texture, and flavor pairing, and how these elements shape the outcome of each dish.

Practice makes perfect: Create a variety of desserts, sauces and garnishes using skills learned throughout the course, and artfully bring together multiple elements through plating design.

How we'll cover it
In this advanced vegan baking course, students will be practicing and perfecting techniques learned in Form & Function along with the introduction of new techniques relevant to each exercise. Each day of class will include a lecture, demonstration, and hands-on student activity. Students will make each form that is demonstrated, followed by a tasting and discussion.

Lessons on shape, color, visual rhythm, texture, and flavor pairing will be imbedded within the each plated dessert as demonstrated by the instructor.

In Level II, students will recreate the demonstrated desserts with a focus on technique execution, timing, and plating design. Visually artful interplay of all elements (such as the main dessert form, sauces, and garnishes) will be emphasized.
Classes follow a progressive learning model, with one simple and one more complex dessert produced each day. Upon completion of this course, students will have honed the skills, techniques, precision, and aesthetic sensibilities necessary to design and execute plant-based desserts at the professional level.

Course price: $1150
Duration: 9-4 Pacific time
Size: Limit 3
Deposit: $575. Balance due on the first day of the course.
Location: Oakland, California
Phone 510.290.6017, email , or use the contact page for additional information or to register.