SNC Online Students:
Form & Function

This SNC Form & Function course is for School of Natural Cookery students who have completed the prerequisite online course: Improvising Vegan Desserts. This accelerated introduction to the art and science of plant-based baking uses an ingredients-ratio method rather than traditional recipes. In our 3 day vegan baking course, students will learn to make basic forms. Cookies, muffins, scones, crusts, pies, tarts, custards, and cakes are some of those basic forms. This vegan baking course is intended for SNC students who have experience with ratios and improvisational baking. The 5 day Form & Function course is designed for new students of all levels who are not enrolled at SNC.

Duration: This vegan baking course lasts 3 days and involves 18 hours of instruction.

Prerequisite: For SNC students who have completed SNC Online 301: Improvising Vegan Desserts.

What we'll cover

In this online vegan baking course

Ingredient families: As a SNC Online student, you are already familiar with categorizing and grouping ingredient families by their functions in baking. We’ll deepen this discussion to include identifying gluten, non-gluten, and reduced carbohydrate ingredients.

The rise and fall of baking: Understanding the pH of ingredients and why predictable baking outcomes depend on creating the right pH balance.

Emulsification: In baking, oil and water must mix. We explore the whys and hows of emulsion.

The right tool for the job: A review of kitchen equipment used in baking and how to use it. This segment covers decorative piping for icing and plating dishes.

Basic Forms: Using ingredient families in ratios to create different finished forms. Understanding the ratios for cookies, muffins, scones, crusts, pies, tarts, custards, and cakes.

The elements of design: Introduction and overview of essential design elements such as shape, color, visual rhythm, texture, and flavor pairing.

How we'll cover it

Each day of class will follow one topic with a lecture, demonstration, and hands-on activity. Students will make each form that is demonstrated, followed by a tasting and discussion.

Students will choose from ingredient families within their functional categories. They will then combine these ingredients in proportions that follow the various form ratios. In other words, students will create their own original recipes following the ratios they have learned.

Classes follow a progressive learning model, beginning with a simple cookie and culminating with a complex designed, iced, and decoratively piped layer cake.

Course price: $850
Duration: 9-4 Pacific time
Size: Limit 3
Deposit: $425. Balance due on the first day of the course.
Location: Oakland, California
Phone 510.290.6017, email , or use the contact page for additional information or to register.